Diely Pichardo-Johansson

I found the editor I want to work with for the rest of my author’s life!

Being a perfectionist and a little obsessive, the process of editing a book had always been excruciating for me. Few things in life are more painful than getting your “Baby,” (the book you poured your soul into), returned to you slashed and blasted with criticism. And I admit  I’m a little thin-skinned.

Finding Savannah as an editor was the best thing that happened to my third novel, and to my view of the editing process in general. She’s the only person I’ve worked with who can mange to pulverize a manuscript (for good), but do it with such positive attitude, kindness and strong encouragement, that it doesn’t hurt. She patiently coaxed me to fix issues, while relentlessly praising the things I was doing well—the best recipe to get me inspired into working even harder. She improved the story tremendously, by spotting plot holes and seeming contradictions, and by pointing out characters which needed polishing. She blew my mind with suggestions to enrich the language of my descriptions, enliven scenes, flesh out my setting and accentuate character feelings. I learned so much in the process, I feel like I took an additional college course on writing. She seriously should charge A LOT more than she does.

I’m a challenging author: I write too much, and get carried away with too many characters and plot lines. My plotting brain runs faster than my literary brain and my sentences come out as choppy and repetitive. Also, English is not my first language. I tend to get wordy and built awkward sentences. And still two decades after making English my main language, grammar and prepositions are my kryptonite. After going through the editing process with Savannah I feel closer to becoming the author I’d like to be.

And the best part was having Savannah see through all my weaknesses, and still take the time to  find my strengths, bring them to my attention, and inspire me to keep going. It was such an amazing process I can’t wait to do it again.

I’ve worked with five editors before in different projects, and have gotten sample edits from a dozen others, searching for a good fit. I finally found it! I recommend Savannah whole-heartedly.