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Are you looking for a Book Cover or Interior Formatting? Dragonpen Designs offers it all, whether you need an detailed Content Edit, interior design, official book cover or a mock cover just for kicks and giggles. Mock covers are $20 each and are kindle quality in case you decide to use them as an official cover down the road. They are perfect for short stories or ebooks you plan to use as freebies. I also have a selection of Premier Premade Covers available as well. Please visit Author Services and Pricing for custom pricing and contact info.

Examples of Mock Covers

The Princess and the Stonepicker Web Version Tears of the Sea Cover 2 How to Hide a Prince Web Version The Witching Hour Alternate Well of Fate Cover_FINAL Eagle Eyes Internet Version Catnip_Bakke Web Use Destined_Mock Cover Letters from the Dragon's Son_Web Version The Witch's Cat_Web Version

Examples of Custom Book Covers

After Final Kindle Cover Specter Kindle DeVall Internet Version Dissemble Kindle Cover 3rd Proof Heartsong Internet Version Tales of Ever After Kindle

Annie Kindle Sandy Internet Version Discover Kindle Idea 3 Dissociate Kindle Internet Version Curse and Consequence Internet Version Beauty of Magic_Internet Use After_Rebrand Specter_Rebrand Final Never Mock Cover_White Version FINAL

Premier Premade Covers:

Premier Premade Covers include an ebook and full wrap option. Prices will be listed below the Cover: a full print wrap will be an additional $20. If you like what you see but want to request changes with Font, the image, or additions like sparkles or images, there may be an additional fee.

Fairy Tale

Runaway Princess Ebook Cover

Ebook Cover Only (Print Wrap an additional $20)


Beauty of Magic_Internet Use

Historical or Period Fantasy





Thriller or Science Fiction

Starry Romance

Ebook Cover