For the Love of a Word Blog Tour

I am so excited to announce that yesterday this special little book went out into the world. For the Love of a Word is a collection of love letters and inspirational poems and thought FROM authors FOR authors–and I am one of those authors! I submitted half a dozen or so poems for this book and all of them were accepted.

If you’re in a slump and need some encouragement, if you’re just feeling a little uninspired, if you want a book on hand for those inevitable moments when you DO feel this way…For the Love of a Word is the book for you. First, let’s hear a few snippets from some of the amazing authors who shared their hearts with us.


I remember when I found you. You were all bleeding fingers and fairytales, carrying the constellations in your eyes. You bent over the page and excess words whispered weaves of smoke, tendrilling into the air around you. You fed my fragmenting soul on tales of mermaids, chipmunks, and girls who made friends with spiders.

– C.S. Taylor

And when you find yourself drenched by the tsunami of your own ballads—remember. Remember the moments your voice was gone, when the stories ran dry, when you couldn’t taste the salty spray of inspiration. These are a part of your rhythm, the crests and currents of your being. These are part of your secret.

– Abigail M. Swanson


Painted proses and reckless roses.

Did I not tell her that one day, it’ll settle?

Stories shifting on their own and novels nodding off to sleep.

What if she gave up, too?

Olive-flavored outlines with cocktails made of coffee.

Has she disappeared?

Haiku lined with hatchets and letters penned in lavender.

Oh my, it seems she’s fled her occupation.

Desk dying and chair crying.

Does she know what she’s left behind?

– Rachel Katherine


A collection of love letters to creative souls.

For your inspiration and encouragement.

“There is a strange beauty in this lonely work; to create is to realize my connection with things greater than myself, and soon enough the work is not lonely at all, but blessed and beloved.”

Featuring the words of sixteen writers, For the Love of a Word is designed to encourage, inspire, and uplift you in your journey.

Featuring the words and hearts of:

Savannah Jezowski

Annie Harley

Kathy Twitchell

C.F. Barrows

Abigail M. Swanson

Keturah Lamb

Emily Vedder

Isabella Morganthal

Katherine Brown

Melissa Holliday

Lauren Grinder

Rachel Katherine

Selina J. Eckert

Rebecca Woodie

C.S. Taylor

Doesn’t that sound fabulous? You can find your copy of For the Love of a Word at the following places:

Buy Links: 

Annie Louise Twitchell’s Website


Barnes & Noble

There is also an amazing giveaway going on right now and you can enter that HERE. Don’t miss out! 

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