Cover Reveal for Circus Phantasm

I have had the pleasure of working with Naomi P. Cohen on the upcoming release of her debut novel, Circus Phantasm. I remember doing a content edit for her last year on an early draft of the story and also helping design the spine and back cover and place the fonts on the beautiful cover art provided by Buboplague. This is a unique story with colorful, engaging characters and an intriguing plot line that will keep you riveted up to the very end. And there is a baby unicorn. Need I say more???

Without further ado…here is the gorgeous cover for Naomi’s debut novel, Circus Phantasm.

Circus Phantasm Kindle


Going to the Circus that night was a whim, but it would change their lives forever.

When siblings Emma and Nemo Reeve went to the Circus Phantasm, they expected tantalizing glimpses of magic. Instead, they are drawn out of the cage of secrets they have built, and swept away from their small town lives. Here, their hidden magical talents can flourish. They can travel with fantastical creatures. They may even have found–at last–a home.

But the Ringmaster has his own dark secrets. His past is coming to haunt him, and now danger stalks them all. Emma and Nemo must determine who to trust, before the Circus unravels, the performers become prisoners, and their growing talents turn them into targets for a greater enemy than they have ever imagined.

The show is about to begin.

You can Preorder your copy here! 

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