February is Fantasy Month: Favorite Characters

Hello, friends! I’m back again to talk about February is Fantasy Month some more. Are you enjoying the blog tag and hashtag games? I sure am. I’m learning so many cool things about the authors in my social circles.

Today I want to talk to you all about some of my favorite fantasy characters. This has been a difficult post to write because I have so many favorites and trying to narrow this list down to a manageable few feels almost traitorous to the excluded characters, but alas! Such is life! Choices must be made!

So I tried to narrow my list down to five.

5121iEYPkjLNumbers 1 and 2 come from the same book, so I am going to put them together as one answer. Eilonwy and Fflewddur Fflam from The Prydain Chronicles. I love how Eilonwy is a spunky but emotional heroine, brave and determined, and still delightfully petty and flawed. Fflewddur Fflam is also a flawed character, but he’s so STINKING FUNNY with his magical harp and eccentricities. You seriously must read this series if you haven’t yet. It’s a perfect, family-friendly, read-aloud series. You can find it here!

EowynMy next featured character is Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. I can’t help but love a warrior princess, and this Shield Maiden of Rohan has always been my hero (eh, heroine). I love how she sacrifices everything to protect those she loves and do the right thing. She’s just as awesome in the movies as she is in the books, by the way.

51ISwYcrAxL._SY346_Next, and I don’t know WHY I didn’t put him first because he really is my FAVORITEST CHARACTER EVER…Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. He is so flawed, so naughty, so funny, so heroic, so romantic…how can you not fall in love with the wizard Howl and his moving castle and fire demon? You can find Howl’s book here.

howl pendragon2

518FhXK7gpL._SY346_My next one is from a more modern fantasy: The Scorpio Races. I really love Sean Kendrick, because he is a very quiet, for introvert, but very strong male character. I love how he can say so much by saying so very little. And the way he plays off the sassy, out-spoken Kate is really hilarious to read. Their romance is really one of my favorites. It’s subtle, sweet, and rather funny at times.  You can find The Scorpio Races here!

61Cz37rf6tLAnd last but not least: Another character from a recent fantasy story and my absolute favorite character from last year’s reads…Alk from Spice Bringer by H. L. Burke. Alk is so so snarky–really, he does have quite the mouth on him–but at the same time he is loyal and sacrificial and the epitome of what a true friend should be. I can’t tell you too much more without spoiling his story, but you really need to read this book to learn more about the fire salamander. You can find Alk’s story here on Amazon. 

91JRHTfLvHL._SY550_And just because movies shouldn’t be left out of the fun…I’m going to toss Arthur’s parents from the new Aquaman movie onto here (because, come on, super heroes are fantasy too, right?). I really adored their love story more than I can say. It brought me to tears. SPOILERS: Don’t read anymore if you haven’t seen the movie yet, but I loved, loved, loved how his mom sacrificed everything to keep them safe, and how his dad walked out to the end of that pier EVERY DAY waiting for her to come back. Sob! Sniff! Oh the feels!


And I’m going to cut myself off there, otherwise we will be here ALL day listening to me fangirl and geek out, and no one has time for that. Don’t forget, if you want to see what the other authors are posting to check out the Schedule of Posts over at Jenelle’s blog. Thanks for hanging out with me today, lovelies!!

4 thoughts on “February is Fantasy Month: Favorite Characters

  1. Jenelle

    Such a great list of fantasy characters, and I’d have to say I agree with every one (except I haven’t read The Scorpio Races yet).

    AND AQUAMAN’S PARENTS!!!!!!!! (cries all the happy sniffly tears) Loved that movie so much! Can’t wait to see it again!


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