February is Fantasy Month Blog Tag

Welcome to the February is Fantasy Month 2019 Tag, put together by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt! Thanks for tagging me, Jenelle! This looks like fun!! I’m going to dive right in and answer some of these fun questions and at the very end I’ll tag some of you to participate. 

What is your favorite fantasy book? 

My all time favorite is probably Howl’s Moving Castle. I’ve read it so many times I practically have it memorized, but The Scorpio Races and Inkheart are a couple others that I really love.

What is your favorite fantasy movie or TV show (or both!)?

Ugh! This is hard to pick only one, but I’m going to go with the Lord of the Rings movies.

Who is your favorite fantasy hero/heroine?

Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle and Eowyn from LOTR.

Who is your favorite fantasy side-kick?

Alk from Spice Bringer by H. L. Burke or Fflewddur Fflam from The Prydaine Chronicles.

Who is your favorite fantasy villain? (the one you most love to hate?)

Shivers. Voldemort.

What is your favorite fantasy sub-genre?

I have to pick just one? Groan…well, I really do love anything with a bit of steampunk in it, but I also love Science Fiction fantasies like Star Wars too.

What is your favorite thing about fantasy?

I love the feeling of being in an impossible world, a place where things are so different from reality, where ANYTHING can happen. And what’s not to love about magic and dragons and faeries and all things sparkly and awesome?

What is your favorite fantasy realm?

Middle Earth.

What is your favorite fantasy magic system?

I love the world of Inkheart, where you can get sucked into a book, and where books can come to life and be real…that’s just so awesome. I wish some book would open up and suc me in for an adventure.

Sell me a fantasy book! Have you written a fantasy book? Give me your best pitch for it! Have you read an exceptionally great fantasy book recently? Convince me to make it my next read!

I’m going to provide two answers for this one: one of my own books and a book by another author.

If you’re looking for a great Christian fantasy about magic-weilding spinners, terrifying monsters from the Underworld, reluctant but courageous heroes, scarred but determined heroines…and a magical, sentient Abbey and flying airship…you should try my Neverway Chronicles.

61Cz37rf6tLAnd, my favorite fantasy book from last year by another author is Spice Bringer by H. L. Burke (it was so hard to narrow it down to one because I read a bunch of amazing fantasy stories last year), but this one repeatedly returns to my thoughts and begs to be reread.

You can get your copy here!

And I am tagging Tammy Lash, H. L. Burke, and Annie Pavese!! (And anyone else who wants to join in, consider yourself tagged by me.)

If you’d like to see the months amazing lineup of posts for February is Fantasy Month, you can find the full schedule here on Jenelle’s blog.

3 thoughts on “February is Fantasy Month Blog Tag

  1. Jenelle

    Yay! You did the tag!!! Loved reading your answers 🙂 and um… AIRSHIPS? Which book are those in? I obviously need to catch up on my Neverway reading! 🙂


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