Top 5 Books of 2018

I reached my Goodreads Reading Challenge in November and thought I would celebrate by sharing my top five favorite books of the year. Yes, I still have half a dozen books on my TBR list that I hope to get through before January, but you know how that goes. Life, people, life!

Since it’s so hard to pick favorites between awesomeness, I’m not going to put these in any specific order: I love them all equally but for different reasons.

61Cz37rf6tLSpice Bringer by H. L. Burke

This book moved me to tears. It was so well written, so gripping, so compelling…I couldn’t put it down. And Alk. LOVED HIM. Seriously, it’s a must read.

Learn more about Spice Bringer


51XmMfgFAIL._SY346_Eagle Eyes by Tammy Lash

This one made me cry too…in such a good way, though! Another emotional, compelling read about a sixteen-year-old boy going blind.

Learn more about Eagle Eyes


43000463Illuminate by Sarah Addison-Fox

This story blew me away–definitely the best book this author has ever written. The symbolism of light vs. darkness, love vs. lust, good vs. evil…so well done. I literally devoured this book.

Learn more about Illuminate

51lRrM2ijuL._SY346_The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie Reeder

This story was so funny, so imaginative, so intriguing. I loved everything about it: the characters, the stardust railways…just, everything!

Learn more about The Electrical Menagerie


last-motley-on-shelfThe Last Motley by D.J. Edwardson

This was another imaginative story world with intriguing plot twists and endearing characters. Definitely deserves its place in my top five.

Learn more about The Last Motley


51kg3ZpIYfLBONUS: (Because I couldn’t stick to five) Minstrel’s Call (The Minstrel’s Song, #4) by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

This entire series is amazing, but the final book was definitely my favorite of the entire series. And it’s such a glorious big book, so lots of pages to enjoy.

Learn more about Minstrel’s Call

So what were YOUR favorite reads of the year? Anything I absolutely need to check out?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Books of 2018

  1. Jenelle

    Awwww 🙂 fun to see Minstrel’s Call sneaking onto the list, and what a lovely list it is! Some fabulous books, there! (and that’s JUST like Kiernan Kane, too, to change your plans and add a sixth book to your planned list of 5 books)!!! 😀


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