Review of Child of Prophecy by T.E. Bradford

Daughter of ProhecyI honestly knew nothing about this author or her work when I started reading this book. What a delightful surprise. I am going to get a paperback copy for my book shelf now, and will definitely be keeping an eye on this author. Ms. Bradford has a way with words that I really appreciate. The way she describes Nova’s special gift is really well done—it makes me wish I could have her gift for a day or two to just enjoy the colors (without the trials of having to live with such a thing all the time lol).

I also really enjoyed the world building. The history about magic, the detailed descriptions of the unique elements in the world (i.e. Nova’s gift)…very well done. I also really enjoyed how well developed the philosophies were—such as Mr. Ames conversation with the class about Indecision. I felt like I was in a real classroom.

The author also did an amazing job of building suspense as the story progressed. I couldn’t help but keep reading because she guided me forward with so little effort, teasing me from one question to the next as the story unfolded. Each chapter ended in such a way I felt complete but wanting more.

Laura’s part in the story was also a neat surprise. I wasn’t expecting her to actually have a role other than the brief scene at the beginning. But wow…was I wrong. I really loved watching her story unfold.

Things I would have liked differently:

Not much. The only thing that really comes to mind is that the beginning took me a little while to sort out. The setting wasn’t clearly cemented in my mind. It had a decided fantasy flare, but after a while I began to suspect that I was in the modern world – or a world that resembled the modern world. I would have liked to know sooner where we were.

If you are looking for a Narnia-like story about world-hopping and magic and great characters…this story is sure to be your cup of tea. I highly recommend this book and will be waiting for the next installment.

Purchase your copy today!

T.E. BradfordAbout the Author:

Tracy is a writer, singer-songwriter, cancer survivor and proud wife and mother. Born and raised in Central New York, she will tell you that her parents gave her the two best tools in her arsenal by reading to her and raising her in a Christian household. In spite of the long CNY winters she continues to live there with the husband that God created just for her, and the son who is her forever best story. In her heart, she feels that her gift of writing is a little piece of magic, and that it is both her privilege and grandest adventure to find new ways to stretch a hand out to touch the wonder of this vast universe God created. Learn more about T.E. Bradford

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