The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E. Reeder

The Electrical Menagerie (The Celestial Isles)The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E. Reeder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie Reeder


This novel is filled with snark, colorful characters, beautiful descriptions, and one of the most original story worlds I have ever encountered. The floating islands, the trains that soar across the skies on star rails, the steampunk circus acts…this book will capture your imagination and carry you to the stars. There are some truly funny moments in this book—as in, funny enough to make you spew coffee across your lap. There’s one at the ending I found particularly hilarious.

The characters are very dynamic in this book, even the minor characters such as the electricals. You feel as deeply for the robotic characters as you do the flesh and blood ones. Carthage and Huxely, the two main characters, are very well developed, dimensional characters who play off each other in heart-warming and hilarious ways. The way they strive for the same things but in such different ways is amazing.

The only thing I didn’t care for in this story…I can’t tell you about because it’s a major plot spoiler, but it isn’t because of anything the author should have done differently, but rather my own preferences wishing certain things had turned out differently. Was that vague enough, friends? I hope so, because I don’t want to spoil anything for you all, because I really think you need to read this book. Like, right now. Go buy it.

If you enjoy original worlds, colorful characters, and circus performances, you are sure to fall in love with The Electrical Menagerie.

I rate this book PG.

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