Submissions Open for On My Own

On My Own: How to Format your Ebook and Print Layout in Microsoft Word

On my own formatting_coverWhat we are looking for:

Articles or blog posts about interior formatting. Reprints and old blog posts acceptable. Multiple Submissions are also accepted. We are interested in Step-by-Step or problem solving articles relating to formatting layouts, preparing images for prints, uploading to KDP and KDP Print, using Kindle Create, and so on. We will also accept personal experience pieces as long as they relate to formatting. For example, a humorous article about the mistakes you made with your first format will be accepted while an article about marketing your first book will not. We are most interested in articles relating to Microsoft Word, Calibre, KDP, and Photoshop, but will also consider other articles involving other platforms like Adobe InDesign or comparing the various programs one might use for formatting. The aim of your article should be to instruct authors on how to “Do It Yourself” or to encourage them as they do it themselves.

Deadline: October 5, 2018

How to Submit:

Please send your article as a Word file or Google Doc, in Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, to with the subject line: SUBMISSIONS: (Author Name)/(Submission Title). Images or graphics are welcome.


Looking for ongoing, non-exclusive rights to your article. This means you are free to publish it else where at any time.


A one time payment of $5 per article will be paid to the author upon acceptance. NOTE: No royalties will be offered, only the one time $5 payment.

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