Review of “The Loathly Princess of Edimor”

Another day in the Tales of Ever After blog tour. Today I will be sharing a little review of “The Loathly Princess of Edimor” by the talented L. Palmer.

L PalmerAbout L. Palmer:

L. Palmer has spent many years traveling fictional worlds and building tales of grand, epic adventures. She is the author of The Pippington Tales, where motorcars bump down old city lanes and fairy godmothers are disguised as high-society gossips. In between exploring fantasy worlds, L. Palmer works in public service and lives in South Texas. She is an award-winning speaker and has lunch with dragons every Tuesday. Learn more about L. Palmer here!

Tales of Ever After LPALMER Graphic

What a charming and humorous tale this turned out to be! It has everything a fairy tale should: a spoiled princess, a handsome and honorable hero, a villain, a witch, and of course…MAGIC! When Princess Selene’s plans to be turned into a swan are thwarted (I can’t tell you how without spoilers), the story takes some amazing twists. I think one of the funniest things in the story is how the princess WANTS to be turned into a swan because she doesn’t want to marry the handsome hero and is disappointed when something else happens. There’s humor, there’s romance, there’s heart…and in the end, the princess learns a valuable lesson about herself, her people, and her heart. This is a great story to end the anthology on.

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