Author Interview with Katy Huth Jones

Today we kick-off the blog tour for Mythical Doorways, the anthology from Fellowship of Fantasy where you can find my short story, “Well of Fate.” I am quite honored to host one of the other authors on my blog today. She graciously offered to come over today and tell us a little bit about herself and her short story in the anthology. Please welcome Ms. Katy Huth Jones.

Katy Huth JonesKATY HUTH JONES grew up in a family where creative juices overflowed and made puddles to splash in. In addition to writing fantasy and historical fiction, Katy loves to make music and take photos of birds and other interesting creatures. She lives with her husband Keith in the great state of Texas. Their two sons, whom she homeschooled, have flown the nest and live creative lives of their own. Best of all, she is a 2x cancer survivor.

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Hello, Katy! Tell us a bit about your story in the Mythical Doorways Anthology. Does it relate to another book you have written?

Dragon’s Oath is set in Levathia, the fictional world of Mercy’s Prince, but takes place about twenty years earlier. The main character, Ethaniel, has grown up a pacifist in the Brethren village, where Mercy was later born. I wrote this story to find out about a new character in my WIP and realized she was related to Mercy through her grandfather Ethaniel, who was banished from the pacifists over forbidden love. The story took on a life of its own, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover an important dragon character, too.

Would you want to live in your story world? Tell us, why or why not.

I would not want to live in Levathia during Ethaniel’s time, when the land was a much more dangerous place than it becomes in later years. There were dangers from dragons and monsters as well as men.

If your writing style could be compared to the weather, what would it be?

A gentle autumn breeze twirls fallen leaves into a giggling dance, but unexpected gusts scatter the leaves and drive a chill into your heart as you see the billowing storm headed your way.

Can you share an inspirational image with us of a doorway that inspired your story in the Mythical Doorways Anthology?

Gate wooden fort

This is the closest I can find to what I see in my head. The Brethren live inside a tall wooden palisade with one heavy gate that shuts out the world and locks in its people, who do not mingle with outsiders unless forced, and whose members only leave if they run away or are banished, like Ethaniel.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, Katy!

5 thoughts on “Author Interview with Katy Huth Jones

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  2. I have to admit, that unless I had a certain special character with me, I would rather much live in Levathia in the later years too. Definitely creatures (and people!) I wouldn’t want to cross paths with.

    Thank you so much Savannah for sharing this fun interview! 🙂


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