Review of Dissemble by Sarah Addison-Fox

Dissemble Kindle Cover 3rd ProofI was very excited to read the second book in the Allegiance Series by budding novelist, Sarah Addison-Fox. Book One surprised me with its unique nature, how the author combined a YA themed novel with family values, and book two followed in the same venue but with some new twists of its own.

What I liked: Book Two is just as fast paced and endearing as book one, but it is a harsher tale. The heroine, a former slave, finds herself in new and more dangerous circumstances as she finds herself moving from one form of slavery to another when she is forced to become a spy. War is blooming on the horizon and the stakes have risen.

The family values are still there. I think the author should write an entire series for MG readers about the kids in this book. I think she would be very successful with it. I love how the story alternates between the hero and heroine as well as with Mick’s family and the kids, following their own unique plot line and struggles. It was a very refreshing change but the typical YA novel.

What I would have liked to see different: I personally prefer my books without swearing, but the usage in this book was kept to a minimum and the author was careful to use “milder” swear words which I appreciated. There was also some more kissing in this book, which does not bother me because it was not at all explicit, but it irked my romantic sensibilities that the poor heroine was kissing the WRONG dude. I can’t say any more (Spoilers), but this complaint stems mostly from my inability to be patient and wait for the happy ending resolution than from anything the author should have done differently LOL. I can’t help it: I love a good romance and happy ending.

Ms. Addison-Fox is off to a great start trying to make her mark in the Indie world with her unique style of combining endearing family values and compelling action. I look forward to watching her grow as she continues to develop her craft.

Content: I rate this book for Adults, for mild swearing, kissing and tasteful violence. There is one scene of attempted assault which may be difficult for some readers.


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